Sunshine Classic Courts

Sunshine Classic Courts

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sunshine classic courts


Cam Green has joined the Sunshine family!

Registration Begins March 23rd


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Join us and train with Mira Costa’s Head Coach, Coach Cam Green! Learn the most current techniques for success on the court and learn mindset tools he teaches to athletes at every level of the game.

We’re launching a new program called Sunshine Classic Courts which is open to the public where Cam will be leading several high-level clinics, privates, and semi-privates.

Cam Green

Coach Green is so proud to continue its legacy as it is his Alma Mater.

In his 28 years of coaching and directing Club volleyball, he has achieved four Open Division National Championships and numerous Top five finishes in both girls’ and boys’ divisions.

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classic courts


The Setter's Club

The Setter’s Club

Learn the techniques created from the best setters in the world. Molded to fit your style of play, from beginners to advanced, you will learn the tools needed to set the modern game. Along with video analysis and offensive game planning strategies.


Hitter's House

Hitter’s House

Attacking for all positions. Learn to hit with range and power…from the front to and back row while mastering your arm swing mechanics.


The Block

The Block

Learn advanced blocking techniques, modeled after the pro and college game and tailored to fit athletes from junior high to high school. Designed for success in the speed of the game today.


Libero Time

Libero Time

Defense, serve receive, passing and setting. Get the ball control and reps to stand out above all other liberos. Be relentless.


Perfect Passing

Perfect Passing

Reps reps reps!!! Keep the technique simple and learn to keep your mind clear. Get the touches you need to pass your best!

High School

High School Ready

High School Ready

Get ready for High School Tryouts with this volleyball bootcamp. Prepare for the next step in your volleyball career. Learn tools to be your best at tryouts and skills that will get you ready to play at the next level. Read more

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GoMotion is our new registration system for everything related to our new location Classic Courts in Torrance. Including Small Group Training and Private Lessons.


  1. Registration and payment collection for private lessons, and small clinics
  2. Communication via email, text, and push notifications
  3. Tracking skills & attendance
  4. And more!


Follow these easy steps below:


Step 1: Click here to go to the SVC registration page on GoMotion
Step 2: Select the “Add to Cart” button for the classes you wish to enroll
Step 3: Next, “Check Out of Shopping Cart
Step 4: Then select “Create New Account” when prompted


Once your account has been created, follow the registration flow to:

  • Select your pay plan
  • Add your members (students)
  • Sign waivers, confirm your order
  • Pay & finish.

After you have completed registration, download the GoMotion mobile app and login in with the credentials that you created.



Why should prepping for high school be any different than prepping for high school volleyball?

The tools you use to handle the pressure of playing at a higher level will help you navigate the challenges and pressures of High school! This clinic is specifically designed to help middle school athletes transition to a higher level of play from every aspect. Upleveling their mind and skill.


“Champions keep playing
until they get it right.”
– Billie Jean King

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